Priest Planner is an IT solution for purohits. The basic version is FREE!

By using Priest Planner, purohits can become more sucessful.
  1. Book appointments
  2. Get reminders
  3. Create profile on ipoojari
  4. Increase customer loyalty
  5. Get newer customers
  6. Face competition
  7. Increase income
  8. Save time
  9. More activities per month
For maximum benefit, use Priest Planner for every transaction.
  1. Download ipoojari app through Google PlayStore
    or visit
  2. Click on Priest Planner
  3. On Priest Planner page, click on New User
  4. A page with form will open
  5. Fill up the details.
  6. Click submit
  7. You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile
  8. Once registration is complete, you can start using Priest Planner
  • A purohit can book a pooja or any event directly through Priest Planner.
  • Amount: The purohit can decide on the amount to be charged.
  • Advance amount: 50% of the seva amount to be collected by the purohit in advance.
  • Balance amount: Balance 50% has to be paid by the devotee to the purohit after the completion of the pooja/ activity.
For additional information regarding Priest Planner, please write to us at